Adobe Captivate: GIFT Files

If you need to add a large number of question slides to your #eLearning project, creating the quiz is going to take an significant amount of time. There is a better way to go, especially if a Subject Matter Expert who does not own #AdobeCaptivate is going to create the quiz… GIFT files.

GIFT stands for General Import Format Technology. You can create a GIFT file in plain text using a simple word processor (like Notepad or TextEdit), and then import the file into Adobe Captivate. Check out this video to learn more.

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Infographics for eLearning

In this day and age of information overload, #eLearning developers must find a way to present information to learners in such a way as to allow learning transfer to actually occur. Infographics are a solution for presenting information through palatable visual nuggets. This provides the learner a visually attractive and logical spread of pertinent information that can be easily understood, retained and applied.
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20 Free Adobe Captivate 7 Video Tutorials

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Create an Image Slideshow in Adobe Captivate 6

Learn how to create an Image Slideshow using the Advanced Actions and Variables in Adobe Captivate 6.

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Adobe Captivate 6: Working with Placeholder Objects

Whether you are working with templates or building them, understanding how to work with placeholder objects is an essential skill for an efficient Captivate workflow.  Click here to watch the tutorial.

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Make Your eLearning More Engaging Through Storytelling

Education has gone through a lot of soul-searching the past few years. As researchers and organizations are discovering, the ancient art of storytelling may be the future of learning. What is it about storytelling that makes it so effective for adult learning and eLearning?

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Sprite Sheet Animations in Adobe Edge Animate

In this episode of Edge Animate Online Week, Daniel Connerth demonstrates how you can build a simple sprite sheet animation within Edge Animate. This includes the animation of a walking sequence as well as facial expressions.

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